This blog is fairly all-purpose. It will be a platform for me to write about any of a range of subjects that I find interesting or noteworthy. Depending on where my brain is on the day, I will be writing about books, plays, films, football, politics, society, education and the art of writing itself as I have completed my first three novels and started writing my fourth.

I may even delve into short stories and poetry, food or philosophy, culture or current affairs.

It is a chance for me to write about what I’m thinking about, what I see and what I do. I hope some of what you find here – whether I know you or not – is illuminating or entertaining.

What ever I write, I will be open to others’ opinions and to change; I will continue to learn, to think and to imbue what I write with a pinch of mischief.

Please do let me have your comments, thoughts or ideas. I send best wishes and thanks for reading my blog.


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