Hi. Thanks for visiting this page.

I enjoy writing and blogging; it’s always good to have something new to write about, whether it’s topical, important, trivial or just chatting.

This blog is fairly all-purpose. It will be a platform for me to write about any of a range of subjects.

Depending on where my brain is on the day, I will be writing about books, plays, films, football, politics, society, education and the art of writing itself. I’m very interested in positive thinking and working with others to improve the world we live in.

I may even delve into short stories and poetry, food or philosophy, culture or current affairs.

It is a chance for me to write about what I’m thinking about, what I see and what I do. I hope some of what you find here is illuminating, interesting or entertaining.

What ever I write, I will be open to others’ opinions and to change; I will continue to learn, to think and to imbue what I write with a pinch of mischief.

Please do let me have your comments, thoughts or ideas. I send best wishes and thanks for reading my blog.

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19 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Shaun Gallagher

    would it be possible for me to purchase a signed copy of A Grand Old Time, dedicated to my daughter, Evie Gallagher ! The mother of one of her school friends told her about your book, and she was so thrilled, despite the age difference (our Evie is 9 !) Good luck with the new book(s).
    Thanks in advance.
    All the best

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    1. Hi Shaun. I don’t have any copies left but I’ll see what I can do. Let me have an address and I’ll try my best! It would be lovely for Evie to have a copy of the novel about her namesake. What a great idea! Best wishes…


  2. Chris M


    You were the hippest teacher in the world!! I remember You lent me a Copy of Big In Japan ‘s From Y To Z and never again EP way back when you were trying to Teach me!! You also had a massive thing for Johnny Winter if I recall correctly
    Your passion for music and the arts was incredible, and you had a massive impact on me in my formative years.
    Great to see you published!

    Take Care


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  3. Mav Dee

    I have had the stomach flu today and felt lousy. But I had Judy’s feisty characters from The Age of Mis Adventure to keep me company and cheer me up. Thank you so much Judy, I laughed all the way through it.

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  4. Thank you so much for your books. As a 67 year old recently retired woman who dreams of writing a book about the experience of aging for women- all with a very good dose of humor, I Ioved your books. The characters are older, but still so very much alive and passionate and present to their lives. This is what I want to encourage and support as we age – My blog is josaia.com I call it “I’m not dead yet!”. Keep those wonderful books coming. Thank you for speaking to that part of my heart and spirit. That validates, encourages and supports me. We are still so very much alive!

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    1. Thanks so much- what a wonderful comment! Your blog has a brilliant title! I completely agree with you that women, people of all ages, have so much to live for. I’m definitely going to check out your blog! Keep up the great work 😘


      1. Thank you so much for your response! I’m honored to have you check out my blog. I think that the title of my blog is going to be the title of my book. Says it all, yes? Please keep writing your wonderful and inspiring books!

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  5. Suzanne Kane

    Hello Judy, I want to thank you for writing your wonderful books. I’m a 74 year old woman and I can so relate to your characters. Your depiction of woman in their 70’s is wonderful and pretty accurate. I’m an avid reader and I’m so tired of the way 70+ characters are written – usually in-firmed and demented and in a nursing home! I’m very active – a painter, biker, gardener and very happily married to a very sexy 75 year old man. I have recommended your books to a number of my friends. I’m originally from Liverpool but I have been living in Minnesota US since 1976, I have been listening to your stories as Audio books and the narrators are really bringing your books to life – and what a joy today when I started listening to ‘Age of Adventure’ to find it’s a family of Liverpuddlians – you capture them so well. Thank you, thank you, I look forward to many more books from you.

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    1. I love your comments – thanks so much. I have very fond memories of Liverpool and I still have friends and family there. I’m inspired by people like you who are active and full of fun – I have an 81 year old friend who tends the garden in denim cut-off shorts. And so why not fabulous septuagenarians with sexy husbands! It sounds perfect and it’s about time older people were represented as real people and not someone else’s gran or mentor. I hope you have a lovely time in Minnesota and that you continue to enjoy the stories. Sending warm wishes…


  6. Becci Miller

    I’m also an avid reader and love the books coming out now that validate me as a writer, and retiree who always reads a book as the writer I am. I live in New Zealand now as I’ve come back here to enjoy the freedom retirement gives me to finally get all my writing done after a lifetime of travel to England and the USA where I learned what makes people tick. I’m back in NZ now to write all my good thoughts for the world at large. I met you when I picked up the age of misadventure which gripped me as the funny ones are very dear to my heart. I fully support you and your books and it uplifts me every day with the book’s humour and lightness of spirit. Thank you so much! Rebecca

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  7. My own purpose in writing is to also give more people an understanding of Scientology to a world which has for the most part makes us feel much as the Jews in the world of WW2. They had to go round with a star of David on their backs.
    Scientology is as much misunderstood as the Jews were. We are in fact as completely harmless as we are. We’re working to salvage the Earth and all the beings here on it. We’re on the side of the saviours of the planet. but until the man in the street recognises us for the good people we are, we don’t get a safe place to live and work, no more than the Jews all those years ago.


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