Publications, prizes and places to find my writing.

I’ve had some exciting news about my writing.

Huge thanks to Kiran Kataria, Rachel Faulkner-Willcocks, Sabah Khan, Helen Shipman, Susannah Marriott, Sarah Eddy, Beau C-C, Erika Denham, Matt Haig, Liam Hill, Caitlan Hill, Big G.

 Here is a list of publications, prizes and commendations, and places  where my writing can be found. This includes publications which can be purchased, websites, newspapers, books and competitions..


  • Student Wordsmith: You is for University. Freshers. Graduates. Short story published 2015.
  • Purple Breakfast Review: Letter to Mr Ike. Short story published . Awarded Special Commendation. 2015.
  • The Growing Unease: On Beauty, whatever that means. Journalism award 2016.
  • The Feminist Wire: Cinderella. Short story published 2016.
  • The Western Morning News: Going Home. Short story published 2016.
  • Gap-Toothed Madness: The Visitor. Short story published 2016.
  • The Crediton Prize National Competition shortlist: The Hotchiwitchi Cake.2016. Short story: 2nd prize.
  • The Western Morning News:  Mr Kochenko’s Cow Short story published. 2016.
  • The Western Morning News. Bella and the Beast. Short story published 2016.
  • The Purple Breakfast Review. Resonance.Short story. 2016.
  • The Western Morning News. The Vow. Short story. 2016.
  • Mischief Corner Books. The Pilgrimage. Short story. 2017.
  • First novel: A Grand Old Time. May 3rd, 2018. Avon, HarperCollins Avon, UK. Ab durch die Mitte, HarperCollins Germany.
  • Second novel : Title to be announced for Jan 2019. I’m really excited about this novel. Currently editing…(see below)
  • Other novels in progress. Three women’s contemporary romance/ humour, one women’s fiction,


Judy Leigh 8a


  • Update. My second novel is The Age of Misadventure. It is the story of a strong woman, her oppressed sister, her angry daughter and her mischievous 88 year-old aunt who run for their lives after things go badly wrong for them in their home town of Liverpool. Their journey should bind them together but they learn many things about themselves and each other as the story develops and their troubles increase. The novel is a blend of comedy, romance, intrigue and it should be a really fun read which asks questions about women’s lives, love, loneliness and family bonds. It should be available in early 2019. I’m really excited about it.


  • Update. Third novel in progress. It’s already making me laugh out loud and I’ve only written three chapters. Watch this space…