Publications, prizes and places to find my writing.

Update 2019/20. Novel news.

I have some great news.  Five French Hens will be published in December 2019 by Boldwood Books. I am very excited. Watch this space for an update about my next novel in 2020.

FFH Christmas cover


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  • My second novel The Age of Misadventure, was published by HarperCollins, Avon on February 19th, 20019. It is also available in Italy.


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Here is the link to my author page:


Here is a list of publications, prizes, commendations, and places  where my writing can be found. This includes publications which can be purchased, competitions, websites, newspapers, radio broadcasts and novels .


  • Student Wordsmith: You is for University. Freshers. Graduates. Short story published 2015.
  • Purple Breakfast Review: Letter to Mr Ike. Short story published . Awarded Special Commendation. 2015.
  • The Growing Unease: On Beauty, whatever that means. Journalism award 2016.
  • The Feminist Wire: Cinderella. Short story published 2016.
  • The Western Morning News: Going Home. Short story published 2016.
  • Gap-Toothed Madness: The Visitor. Short story published 2016.
  • The Crediton Prize National Competition shortlist: The Hotchiwitchi Cake.2016. Short story: 2nd prize.
  • The Western Morning News:  Mr Kochenko’s Cow Short story published. 2016.
  • The Western Morning News. Bella and the Beast. Short story published 2016.
  • The Purple Breakfast Review. Resonance.Short story. 2016.
  • The Western Morning News. The Vow. Short story. 2016.
  • Mischief Corner Books. The Pilgrimage. Short story. 2017.
  • Second Place, Winchester University Writers’ Weekend – Short Story Competition 2017.
  • Debut novel: A Grand Old Time. May 3rd, 2018. HarperCollins Avon, UK. Ab durch die Mitte, HarperCollins Germany.
  • Novel: The Age of Misadventure. Feb 19th, 2019. HarperCollins Avon, UK.
  • Radio Dartington Arts. Summer 2019.Short stories read by Julie Mullen of Word Cafe, Totnes. See blog posts for links.

Huge thanks to Kiran Kataria, Sarah Ritherdon, Sophie-Louise Hyde, Solitary Writers, Totnes writers, Julie Mullen, Liam Hill, Caitlan Hill, Big G.