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Chasing the Sun (April 8th.)

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‘Molly’s seventieth birthday comes as something of a shock. The woman in the mirror certainly looks every day of those seventy years, but inside Molly feels she still has so much more living left to do. Widowed and living alone with her cat Crumper, Molly fears she is slipping into a cliché of old age.

When Molly’s sister Nell appears on her doorstep, distraught that her husband of more than forty years, Phil, has left her for a younger lover, the women decide to seize the day. By the morning, flights are booked, bags are packed, and off they go for an adventure in Spain.

The sun, the sea, the new friends and the freedom are just the tonic for broken hearts and flagging souls. But even Spain isn’t enough to revive Molly’s spirit. A solo journey to Mexico is booked as Molly continues to chase the sun and to chase happiness. Will she find what she’s looking for in Mexico, or will she discover that true contentment can’t be found on a map, but it might just be found in a new flame.

Judy Leigh is back, with her trademark spirit of joie de vivre, fun, warmth and timeless lessons in how to live.’


Heading over the Hill, is available now, in kindle, paperback, audio, large print and hardback.


Billy and Dawnie may be in their seventies, but that won’t stop them taking chances or starting again. Their grown-up children have families and lives of their own, so now it’s Billy and Dawnie’s turn, and a life near the sea in Devon beckons.

The Old Girls’ Network,is out now. It is the story of sisters Barbara and Pauline, who seemingly have nothing in common. They live in a Somerset village and when outsider Bisto Mulligan enters their lives, things change drastically.TOGN cover with cats

Five French Hens was published in December 2019 by Boldwood Books.  FFH Christmas cover

My second novel, The Age of Misadventure, was published by HarperCollins, Avon in February, 2019.


My debut novel, A Grand Old Time, was published by HarperCollins, Avon, May 2018. It is available in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Czechia, Slovakia and Japan.

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Publications, prizes, and commendations:

  • Student Wordsmith: You is for University. Freshers. Graduates. Short story published 2015.
  • Purple Breakfast Review: Letter to Mr Ike. Short story published . Awarded Special Commendation. 2015.
  • The Growing Unease: On Beauty, whatever that means. Journalism award 2016.
  • The Feminist Wire: Cinderella. Short story published 2016.
  • The Western Morning News: Going Home. Short story published 2016.
  • Gap-Toothed Madness: The Visitor. Short story published 2016.
  • The Crediton Prize National Competition shortlist: The Hotchiwitchi Cake. Short story: 2nd prize. 2016.
  • The Western Morning News:  Mr Kochenko’s Cow. Short story published. 2016.
  • The Western Morning News. Bella and the Beast. Short story published 2016.
  • The Purple Breakfast Review. Resonance. Short story. 2016.
  • The Western Morning News. The Vow. Short story. 2016.
  • Mischief Corner Books. The Pilgrimage. Short story. 2017.
  • Novel: The Age of Misadventure. Feb 19th, 2019. HarperCollins Avon, UK.
  • Radio Dartington Arts. Summer 2019. Short stories read by Julie Mullen of Word Cafe, Totnes. See blog posts for links.

Huge thanks to Kiran Kataria, Sarah Ritherdon, Sophie-Louise Hyde, Solitary Writers, the Totnes writers, Julie Mullen, Liam Hill, Caitlan Hill, Big G.