Writing as Elena Collins

I’m so thrilled to introduce three new novels I’m writing under the name of Elena Collins. The choice of pseudonym is a tribute to my grandmother, Nell Collins, who was my father’s mother. She was a teller of stories and fortunes, she had healing hands and the most amazing cackling laugh.

The Witch’s Tree. Boldwood Books. May 17th.

The first book is set in Somerset and tells the story of Selena Cain, 38, who moves to the Blackdown Hills to find peace when her life in Manchester becomes turbulent. But Sloe Cottage holds a secret inside its walls and as Selena attempts to discover what lies behind the eerie atmosphere and the strange occurrences, she learns more than she expects.

In 1682, 22-year-old Grace Cotter is a milkmaid, living in Slaugh Cottage with her farmworker father, Will. She is content with her life, working hard by day and helping her Grandmother Bett with the preparations of herbal remedies and with midwifery. But a meeting with local farmer’s son Nathaniel changes her life forever.


Update. *

I’m currently writing a second book, set in Scotland. More of this later. I do hope you will enjoy my new stories.

Watch this space for further news, coming soon.


From the author.

Dear readers,

I’d like to introduce you to my first of three books; this is an exciting new venture for me. They are dual timeline stories, exploring the history of women’s lives and making a parallel with modern experiences. These stories bring together three things I love: delving into history, exploring stunning locations and evoking the possibility of the supernatural.

My first novel in this genre, The Witch’s Tree, is set in the beautiful Somerset countryside. It is published on May 17th by Boldwood Books.

 I hope my readers will enjoy the stories of people’s lives then and now, and the chance to experience some spine-tingling moments.

I love writing, travelling and researching. I have an MA in Professional Writing. When I’m away from my desk, my home and my three black cats, you’ll find me researching my next novel in my camper van in some of this country’s most beautiful locations, and beyond.

I hope you will enjoy my novels.

EC. x