About me

I graduated with a Master’s in Professional Writing from Falmouth University in 2015. Before my MA, I taught Drama, directed plays and produced Shakespeare Festivals. Now I write articles, I blog, I write short stories, poems, newspaper and magazine articles and anything else I can find which inspires me to write. I belong to several writing groups.

My first novel. ‘A Grand Old Time’ was published by HarperCollins Avon, in Spring 2018 in the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden and several other places. My second novel, The Age of Misadventure, was published in February 2019.

I’ve just finished the third novel and have plans for a fourth and a fifth. I’m looking forward to researching them as they’ll both require some travelling…

I am often asked to comment on or edit others’ writing and I’m always happy to collaborate with other writers and artists. Often great results comes from sharing, discussing and teamwork.

Five years ago, I’d never blogged and, since then, I’ve had a popular vegan recipe blog, Vegan Bacon Bites, and a blog in which I interpreted people’s dreams, Dream Catching.

In this blog, I discuss subjects I’m interested in and focus on exploring some of the things I love.

This is my journey. I’m always travelling. There’s always a spare passenger seat available…

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