If food be the music of love, eat on….

A few weeks ago, I grumbled a bit because I’d been offered a not-very-nice meal in a pub. The number of people who responded was huge, every one telling me that I was right to flag it up, that I should have refused to pay, and there were lots of examples of other dodgy meals people said they’d been given. So I thought, it’s coming up to Christmas, people will be thinking of nights by the fireside, sharing food, or going out with friends for a meal. So I thought I’d celebrate some incredible dishes with you, just to redress the balance, because there is some really delicious food out there.

Not far for where I live, there’s so many good eateries. The Blue Ball Inn at Sampford Moor does incredible Sunday roasts – the vegan one is out of this world. And some of the puddings are vegan too. I love a curry, and from Nawab in Tiverton to the Gurkha Chef in Newton Abbot, there are some outstanding dishes. Not far from there, Riverford Organic Kitchen serves stunning food. In Barnstaple, Hang Loose does incredible lunches.

In London, I love to visit the Ethiopian Vegan restaurant in SW17. Kilis in Islington is a great place too – the lavaş balloon bread is phenomenal. In France, once you get off a boat at Roscoff, go to the Dragon Phenix in St Pol. The tofu aigre doux is special.

I’m keen on home cooking but, for a change, eating out somewhere with friends and family where the fare is amazing is always to be celebrated.

Here are some photos, just to put the balance back. I rarely complain and, with food this good, all I can say is thank you!

Enjoy the pictures. Theye are a feast for the eyes…

Blue Ball vegan nut roast

Ethiopian Vegan SW17

Cauli wings

Riverford Veg

Blue Ball vegan chocolate cheesecake

Baba Ganoush, Kilis.


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