11 pictures of Pushkin the cat that tell us why we should vote ‘Remiaown’ in the referendum

Introducing Pushkin. Alexandra Pushkin or Alexandra Pushkin-Boots. Or sometimes Pyuuuuuuuuuushkin or Little Pushkin or Ditta Puuuushkin or Puskh. Or Puuuussshhhy. Or Ditta. As T. S. Eliot says in ‘The Naming of Cats’: ‘a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES…’

Eliot says that a cat’s

… mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name

So, let’s settle for Pushkin. Her background is a mystery. She was found by some friends among the dustbins in Anfield; she was scrawny and begging for food and a home. She was so hungry she’d become desperately affectionate, she’d have made friends with anyone and that put her at risk so we checked with a vet that she had no local owner or identity chip and then I brought her home.

The local vet said she was about eighteen months old-in a poor state: underweight, weak, all sorts of health problems hovering on the horizon but, almost a year later, Pushkin is strong, happy and full of fun. She does all the cute catty things: head butts, bleps, kisses, hugs, face licks, rolling over for tummy rubs; she’ll gently  bite a cheek or a nose and then purr and stick her butt in your face. She’s a totally different cat now, full of energy and well-fed. She’ll beat the other two cats, Colin and Magick, to the food bowls and she can be quite assertive if there is a treat or a biscuit on offer.

Has the cat got your tongue? The answers are on the tip of hers!

FullSizeRender (5)

And she can be highly purr-litical…Here are some of her mew-sings and hy-purr-theses on the current EU referendum. You’ve heard of Buzzfeed? This is Pushkinfeed. This is her EU Fel-IN-e campaign.

Why we should vote to stay in the EU

1. Paws for thought! If we leave, who can predict what is a whisker away? No-one!


2. Thoughts to chew on. Get your teeth into the facts not the fear!


3. Hold on to this thought a minute – when you have a good thing, why let it go?


4. Free trade means a lower price for your weekly shop, and more money in your pocket.


5. A strong and stable economy is good for job creation, and the EU protects workers’ rights.


6. Pensioners can retire and live abroad and their state pensions will be more valuable.


7. Brits can holiday, travel and work throughout the EU without difficulty.


8. Better security: the European Arrest Warrant will make it easier to deport criminals across the EU.


9. Money for jobs and small businesses. 8.7 billion has been allocated to create new jobs and start up small businesses.


10. Studying abroad for young people will be easier.


11. And if we do vote Remain, then we can all sleep safely at night… sweet dreams!




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