My Christmas Top Ten Countdown

Most of my blogs are fairly serious and, as it is the season of good swill, I thought I’d respond with a little lightness to the abject Scroogery which is alive and rampant and living in my house .

Bursting with festive enthusiasm, like Santa’s sack stuck in the chimney, my excitement is being squashed and tossed and abused at all opportunities. For example:

My question: ‘When can we put some Christmas lights up?’

The answer: ‘It’s a waste of electricity’ or ‘Have you seen the awful display of  bad taste lighting next door?’ or ’26th, December, like last year?’


My question: ‘Shall we go to a Christmas market?’

The answer: ‘Bloody commercialised crap’ or ‘Waste of time and money’ or ‘It’s too cold’ or  ‘It’s too wet’ or just  ‘Humbug!’


My question: ‘Shall I make a few mince pies?’ ‘Nut loaf?’ ‘Roast veg?’ ‘Cocktails..?’

The reply: ‘ Anything will do’ or (reaching for the chocolates )’People always eat too much at Christmas’ or ‘You cook it, I’ll eat it.’

So, to restore the balance in favour of some fun here is a countdown of ten things I love about Christmas and everyone else can shove their Festive misery where the sun never shines in Winter.


10. The cold. Seriously. You can wear mittens, scarves, boots, fake fur coats outside and when you get in, you can go and stand by the big log fire and warm your cheeks . And sometimes we even have snow!!!

9. Kitch music. Slade. Carols. Roy Wood’s Wizzard. Mud’s  ‘Lonely this Christmas.’ (I draw the line at ‘Mistletoe and Wine.’)

8. Lights. Twinkly ones. Reindeers that  nod and move. All of that shiny glittery stuff brings out the child in us all. Candles. Decorations.

7. Food. Humble, balanced, well cooked, inexpensive food. Not too much of it, but created with love and served with the intention of sharing. We are lucky to have it. Oh, and wine. More wine. Brandy.

6. Parties. Meeting up with people and celebrating. Whatever religion, background, culture, whatever role we play, we can share peace and be happy together. Meeting up with the nicest of people and laughing.

5. Pagan stuff. Mistletoe. Snogging. Or just a polite peck on the cheek is sometimes enough. Being nice to people. Reaching out. Hugging. And climbing up a rock at dawn to celebrate the Solstice, and burning the Yule Log and remembering and honouring  all the old traditions which existed years before we did.

4. Films on the telly. Not just the Grinch. Al the old ones, the sad ones, even the action movies. Time to chill. To think. Perchance to snooze. Always, to read. And to talk to each other.

3. Not having to work. Time off,  to be with the people you love, the people you don’t see often enough, and to chill. To dance. To sing. To play Charades. To be together or to be quiet. To party. To get up late next day.

2. Giving. Presents. Charity. Time. Thoughtfulness for others. Consideration. Inviting someone to fill that spare chair at the table.

1. Love, whether it is Christ’s love, Mother’s love, One Love, or reaching out to someone who is on their own or offering a hand of friendship for the first time. It is a time we should remember those we love, those with us now and those no longer here. There will be people we don’t know yet, with whom we may share love and friendship, people we may never meet who may benefit from something we do on their behalf. We should celebrate love and life and be happy. It is a priority, celebrating health and being mindful that life is a gift. And whoever or whatever we pray to, we should pray for peace and not ever lose hope.

So, for all the grumpy gits out there, whatever Christmas means to you, I hope you have a great one and may your 2016 be filled with blessings, good health and peace, and a sack load of that something special your heart desires. Enjoy.


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